IBERICO, portion

Country of origin: Spain Spain

Milk: pasteurized goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s milk

Mass: 150g

Consumable: 180 days

Quantity in package: 16 pcs.

Iberico is made from a mix of pasteurized cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk. The combination of these three types of milk varies from season to season on the basis of weather conditions, but the minimum guidelines are strictly observed by the dairy producers. The minimum mix is: cow’s milk 50%, goat’s milk 30% and sheep’s milk 10%.

Iberico is a herbal cheese with a very mild goat taste which is mixed with buttery sheep’s milk to obtain a very pleasant taste and aroma. The inner paste has a light yellow white to light beige color and a mild aroma. 

In Spain, Iberico is usually used as a table cheese with a quince paste (membrillo), but it is also an excellent melting cheese and can therefore be used in many recipes.