PECORINO ROMANO Michelangelo, portion

Country of origin: Italy Italy

Milk: pasteurized sheep’s milk

Mass: 200 g

Consumable: 110 days

Quantity in package: 28 pcs.

Pecorino Romano is a traditional Italian cheese made from whole sheep’s milk and is named after the word “pecora” which means sheep in Italian.

It is produced in the regions of Sardinia, Lazio and the province of Grossetto (Tuscany). Its flavor is usually intense. The taste will be all the more full as its ripening is advanced.

Pecorino Romano is most often graced for pasta (in place of Parmigiano Reggiano – a parmesan), but it can also be tasted itself or be put on a cheese board.

Pecorino Romano is protected by the PDO designation of origin.